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The Angry Birds Movie (2016)

By |Saturday, 20 April 2024, 7:32 AM
The Angry Birds Movie (2016) download full movie HD
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Synopsis And Details In Full

The Angry Birds Movie (2016) Synopsis

An island is home to a group of happy, flightless birds, with the exception of a few outsiders. Red, who has a temper problem, speedy Chuck, and volatile Bomb don’t quite fit in. Their lives are disrupted when the island is visited by a group of mysterious green piggies.

The Angry Birds Movie (2016) Cast and Characters

The Angry Birds Movie (2016) features the voices of Jason Sudeikis as Red, Josh Gad as Chuck, and Danny McBride as Bomb. The main characters also include the green piggies, voiced by Bill Hader and Peter Dinklage.

The Angry Birds Movie (2016) Plot
The storyline follows Red, Chuck, and Bomb as they try to uncover the true intentions of the green piggies, who have arrived on their island. The outcasts must band together to figure out the mystery and protect their home from the potential threat posed by the newcomers.

The Angry Birds Movie (2016) Reception
The Angry Birds Movie received mixed reviews from critics, but was generally well-received by audiences. The cast’s voice performances and the film’s vibrant animation were praised, while some critics found the storyline to be lacking depth.

The Angry Birds Movie (2016) Legacy
Despite the mixed reviews, The Angry Birds Movie (2016) achieved commercial success and spawned a sequel, The Angry Birds Movie 2, released in 2019. The franchise also expanded to include video games, merchandise, and various spin-off media.

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The Angry Birds Movie (2016) download full hd disclaimer

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